Historic map of Sir Francis Drake's voyage
Drake Hondius Map, 1595. Courtesy of the Geography and Maps Department, Library of Congress, USA

Gems from our collection

Golden Hinde has a rapidly growing collection of historic and modern items in its Museum Collection, Archive and Library relating to Francis Drake, the Tudor Era and the Golden Hinde.

Some of our notable collection items include a genuine Tudor Spoon, engraved prints from the 18th and 19th century, modern paintings of Golden Hinde, and a Library containing both modern and antique books, including a 1615 edition of John Stow’s Annales.

Portrait of Sir Francis Drake from the New Naval History (1756)

Sir Francis Drake, New Naval History, 1756

An engraving of Sir Francis Drake dated 17th September 1756, from the New Naval History. Printed for R. Manby, W. Reeve, W. Bizet, P. Davey & B. Law and T. Sc- (London, 1756).

“Drake’s Return” by Charles Allen, 1976

A framed A2 oil on canvas board painting of Golden Hinde II sailing along the English coast, painted by Charles Allen in 1976.

'Drake's Return' by Charles Allen (1976)
Tudor-era spoon

Tudor-era spoon

A Tudor Spoon measuring 20.5 x 6 cm donated to the Golden Hinde by the Museum of London in November 2012.

The Annales or General Chronicle of England begun first by maister John Stow and after him continued and augmented with matters foreign and domestique, auncient and modern, unto the end of this present yeere 1615 by Edmond Howes, Gentleman

By John Stowe and Edmond Howes, printed in London by Thomas Adams (1615).

The 'Annales', by John Stowe and Edmond Howes (1615)